Labour pledges major extension of workers' rights

Britain's opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn unveiled plans on Tuesday (September 10) to create a Ministry for Employment Rights -- if the Labour Party came to power.


"Things cannot go on as they are. Change is coming. And it must be change that gives power to the true wealth creators, the workers. So today we are announcing that the next Labour government will bring about the biggest extension of rights for workers our country has ever seen. We will put power in the hands of workers. What will that mean for people? Better wages, greater security and more say.''

With a deepening crisis over Brexit, both Labour and the governing Conservative Party are already drawing the battle lines for an early election, which many believe could be triggered later this year.

On Monday (September 9), lawmakers rejected Prime Minister Boris Johnson's call for an early national election, kicking off five weeks of parliament suspension.

Corbyn says Labour wants an election -- but not until a no-deal Brexit is off the table.