Lackawanna County Hazardous Waste Collection event

LACKAWANNA COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) — Residents in Lackawanna County will have an outlet this weekend to dispose of any hazardous materials they have on their hands.

Lackawanna County is set to host a hazardous waste collection for its residents.

Homeowners in the area are urged to search their garages and storage for hazardous items that need proper disposal of batteries, fluorescent bulbs, propane tanks, and household chemicals.

“Batteries are a big one, when they get put into the garbage they actually explode and they can be very dangerous,” said Markieann Muncie an education specialist for Lackawanna Environmental Sustainability.

“You don’t just chuck something if you don’t have an idea, we’re not only giving you an idea but giving you the opportunity to dispose of it properly by a company that’s going to take it away and again, dispose of it in the way that it should be,” explained Joe D’Arizeno.

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Not only does this event give an outlet to the residents to dispose of this waste, but it also brings more awareness to residents in the community on what items can’t just go into the landfill.

These items listed have a negative impact on the environment if disposed of improperly, not only affecting wildlife & ecosystems but also contaminating groundwater.

“We also had a lot of residents call about lawn treatments, they were like I had no idea this was hazardous now I don’t even want to use it anymore, so now they’re using this event to dispose of those items,” added Muncie.

This hazardous collection brings Lackawanna County a step closer to reducing environmental risks.

The event is on November 10 and 11 and is for Lackawanna residents only and is free for all, however, residents must sign up online to register for the event to get a specific timeslot on when to arrive.

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