Zoo BANS leopard-print clothing - because it 'confuses' the lions and tigers

Animals at Chessington World of Adventures get confused when they spot guests wearing a leopard coat or snakeskin bag, keepers say

A giraffe is confused by an animal-print wearing guest (Chessington World of Adventures Resort)

A zoo has banned visitors from wearing leopard print - because it confuses the animals.

Chessington World of Adventures have put a zero-tolerance ban on any type of animal print at the park and have even brought in bouncers to enforce the rule.

Zookeepers noticed the tigers, lions and giraffes get confused when they spot guests wearing a leopard coat or snakeskin bag.

Tigers may start to salivate when they notice visitors wearing zebra print tops and a giraffe could spot her ideal mate in a tall, dark, giraffe trouser-print wearing man.

The ban has come in force since the launch of a new attraction 'ZUFARI: Ride into Africa!', which sees visitors experience a safari adventure.

Offending guests will face ejection from the resort or have to wear grey boiler suits in order to greet the animals.

Natalie Dilloway, a ZUFARI spokeswoman said: "Since the launch of ZUFARI, guests have interacted with the animals more closely than ever before and we have noticed a lot of animals becoming baffled by animal-print-wearing guests."

"The enclosures at ZUFARI have been designed to replicate the conditions species face in the wild, so it's no wonder the animals are getting confused when they see what they perceive to be zebras and giraffes driving across the terrain in a 7.5 tonne truck.

"We kindly ask guests to refrain from wearing animal print at the park."

Banned prints include zebra, leopard, cheetah, tiger, African wild dog, spotted and stripe hyena and giraffe.