Lady Gaga's Grammys 2019 performance has the meme machine in full flow

Katie Rosseinsky

Lady Gaga divided fans with her amped-up rendition of Shallow at last night’s Grammy Awards, but it seems that Twitter can agree on one thing, at least: that the final frame of her performance makes an excellent meme.

The singer, who brought home three awards shortly after learning that she’d picked up a BAFTA for Best Original Song, surprised viewers with a distinctly rockier take on A Star Is Born’s standout track.

Twitter users suggested that the 32-year-old star had brought back “old Gaga” persona for the Grammys performance, having presented a more toned-down version of her usual larger-than-life stage persona during this year’s awards campaign.

“I love Lady Gaga and Shallow SO much, but her performance tonight was too much,” one commenter wrote.

Divided: Viewers couldn't agree on Gaga's performance (Getty Images)

“Lady Gaga… your vocals blow my mind… but your performance was terrifying,” another weighed in, while others suggested that the star had “overperformed” the usually stripped-back track.

“Why did Lady Gaga overperform that song? It is beautiful and didn’t need all that production,” one fan said.

Others joked that Gaga was “performing a cover of Shallow by Ally Maine,” in reference to her A Star Is Born character.

After giving her all during the performance, the singer slumped forward over her microphone stand and stared straight down the camera lens, with her hair obscuring much of her face.

Twitter users seized upon the dramatic shot as a brand new meme, as fans used Gaga’s expression to describe everything from last orders at the bar to waiting for an Amazon delivery.

Gaga’s Shallow co-writer Mark Ronson, who also joined her on-stage for the performance, played up to the Internet response, sharing a gif from the show on Twitter and captioning it “Meme Girls.”

Hat trick: Gaga picked up three awards on the night (Getty Images)

In her impassioned acceptance speech later in the night, Gaga said that she was “so proud” to have taken part in “a movie that addresses mental health issues.”

“They’re so important. A lot of artists deal with that,” she continued. “And we got to take care of each other. So, if you see somebody that’s hurting, don’t look away.

“And if you’re hurting, even though it might be hard, try to find that bravery within yourself to dive deep and go tell somebody and take them up in your head with you.”

Gaga will also compete in the Best Original Song and Best Actress categories at the Academy Awards later this month.