Lady Gaga, in emotional video, explains why she halted her Florida concert Saturday night

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. — In an emotional video, Lady Gaga said she halted her Miami concert Saturday night, the last one on her tour, because of lightning and the potential danger to her crew and fans.

“Thank you so much for coming to the Chromatica Ball Tour,” she said to her fans while tearing up in the video. “We really tried to finish the show tonight in Miami but we couldn’t because even though the rain sort of stopped, there was lightning that was striking right down to the ground so close to us.”

The adored singer said she wanted to be responsible and worried about danger to the audience or her crew if she continued in the storm.

A full-to-the-brim audience at Hard Rock Stadium, which has a capacity of more than 65,000, had paid hundreds of dollars to see Gaga’s final show in her Chromatica Ball Tour Saturday night. Gaga had belted out 17 songs on her set list including favorites such as “Bad Romance,” “Shallow” and “Born This Way” before the rain disrupted her performance.

According to her set list, she had five more songs to go.

“I am sorry we didn’t get to do the epic ‘Rain on Me’ in the rain but what is more worth it is life,” she said on Instagram. “I love you little monsters, forever xoxo... I’m sorry I used my best judgment, it wasn’t safe.”

The singer’s South Florida fans supported her and responded in support on social media. “Don’t be sorry!!” one fan wrote in response. “You care about your fans & we care about you,” wrote another.

Laurie Levine, of Cooper City, said fans were not angry, just disappointed. Levine said the singer came back on stage at about 1 a.m. and told the remaining fans that for safety reasons she wasn’t being allowed to continue the show. “Most people felt bad for her because it was her final show. The weather was terrible. It was a deluge.”

Levine said she enjoyed the performance she did get to see. “She is a fabulous performer. She played piano and sang and even though it was a big arena, it felt intimate. She connects to the audience and is such a good entertainer.”