Lafayette Square, near White House, open to public

Lafayette Square, the park across from the White House, reopened on Monday to the public nearly a year after federal authorities fenced off the area at the height of nationwide protests over policing following the killing of George Floyd. (May 11)

Video Transcript

CHARITY STRUTHERS: Look. Look. [INAUDIBLE] they literally just opened it, so I am so excited. Now, I've noticed the changes. A year ago, they added an addition to the fence. It was six feet. This is now 13 feet. And it's so important, I think, for Americans, for the international people to be able to get a close-up view of where the president lives and works-- where the White House staffers work over here. And I'm really delighted. Friends, how many presidents have we had in the USA? Remember?

- 46.

CHARITY STRUTHERS: Thank you. 46. Now, I know Washingtonians have been pushing for to reopen. And I've seen a lot of Facebook posts and social media posts sort of imploring. Anyone remember the father-son president?

STEPHANIE JUSTICE: I mean, we were just walking up. And we're like, oh man, it's all gated off. And then we saw a couple just go through that part of the gate and we're like oh--

- Oh, never mind.

- --wait.



ELIANA LORD: If other people are going, I want to.

ALBERTO CASARES: I feel very good, because I used to do live here, and to be reopened, it's nice to see.

STEPHANIE JUSTICE: So we just graduated from the University of South Carolina this--

- Go, Cocks.

STEPHANIE JUSTICE: --past Saturday. And we decided it would be a fun time to take a trip to DC, because none of us have ever been. Some of us want to work in politics. And so, yeah, we were really surprised we could get as close to the White House as we did today.

ANDY PAPARDELLA: Yeah, he's still over there. We stopped to ask him how we got to the White House. He said, well, you're in luck. The park just opened. Walk down to the gate, and just walk in.

- And you didn't realize--

ANDY PAPARDELLA: I didn't realize that the park was closed, period.