Lake Barrington kidnapping, sex assault victim found tied to heavy equipment, sheriff says

A man discovered a 20-year-old woman being sexually assaulted and "bound to a piece of heavy equipment" inside a business after receiving a "strange call," the Lake County sheriff said.

Video Transcript

LIZ NAGY: Judy, investigators say they believe they were only able not, not to just catch this crime in the act, but also catch the suspect so quickly. Because they say in two different instances, people alerted police when something just didn't seem right.

In the dark overnight hours, investigators searched for miles trying to track down a man. Deputies say had just fled from the scene of a violent sexual assault. Deputies say the search started only after they received a phone call from an acquaintance of the suspect, Ryan Storm. Alerting investigators that the caller had just caught Storm committing the crime in this industrial complex along commercial drive in Lake Barrington.

LT. CHRISTOPHER COVELLI: Uh, they then located a naked 20-year-old woman who was bound to a piece of heavy machinery inside the facility. Uh, she was beaten, she was bleeding. Um, she not appear to be in good shape at all.

LIZ NAGY: Deputies say the bizarre series of events had just started about a half hour earlier just before 2:00 AM, when they say the acquaintance received a strange phone call from Ryan Storm.

LT. CHRISTOPHER COVELLI: Storm had indicated that he had been detained by the police for several hours, and his car was destroyed and he was taking his vehicle to his shop.

LIZ NAGY: Police say that's what prompted the person to drive to this business complex where they say they found storm in a badly beaten woman tied up behind one of these doors, after that they say he took off running. And police fanned out across several towns searching for Ryan Storm.

LT. CHRISTOPHER COVELLI: At approximately 8:30 this morning, an individual in Fox River Grove called their local police, because they saw a suspicious person walking through a subdivision.

LIZ NAGY: Investigators say Storm took off again but police were able to run him down, and detain the 20-year-old man who's now in jail-- charged with a list of violent crimes, including kidnapping, sexual, assault and strangulation.

Tonight, investigators say that female victim is still in the hospital being treated for her inju-- injuries. Storm they say is in jail. And we did try and speak with someone at this complex who said, we don't know the whole story. But declined the opportunity to explain herself on camera.