Lake Bell jokes she’s a ‘better parent’ when she’s stoned

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Lake Bell has poked fun over the fact that she feels like “a better parent” when she is stoned.

The 43-year-old spoke about the importance of normalising cannabis during the premiere party for the Cann x Jane “Cann-Do Holiday” campaign on Wednesday.

During her speech, she joked about marijuana improving her parenting skills and said that she “can’t get through the holidays without” it. Bell has two children, Nova, eight, and . Ozgood, five, whom she shares with ex husband Scott Campbell.

“I am straight up a better parent when I’m just two Canns in. I’m like on their level,” she explained at the event, viaPeople.

The No Escape star went on to joke about how marijuana allows her to feel like a “kid” herself.

“I’m just like: ‘That’s a f***ing crazy dinosaur!’” she continued. “Like, ‘Let’s get on the ground right now and be f***ing crazy dinosaurs. Let’s open some presents. F*** it.’ I become literally a kid.”

This isn’t the first time that Bell has spoken candidly about using cannabis around her children. During an interview with MedMen’s Ember magazine in 2018, she explained why she’s opted to have marijuana over a glass of wine.

“Like a glass of wine, there’s something really luxurious. Just the time it takes to get the wine and open the wine and find the glass, pour the wine, chill the wine,” she said. “With a vape, you take a hit and you’re good, you know? Much better for a working parent.”

Bell also confessed that she doesn’t keep her marijuana intake a secret from her two children.

“I don’t really hide it. We wait until they go to bed, in the same way,” she said.

“We have the wine around and we have Beboe around,” she added, referring to her and her now ex-husband’s line of cannabis products. “It’s not mysterious. It’s nothing strange or weird or coveted.”

Earlier this year, the It’s Complicated star gushed over her children and discussed how excited she was to be back home after a trip to Europe in August.

“I’m back in my house now with my children and our AC is broken, and I gotta be honest, it’s so cute to have your children snuggled up with you in the bed, like: ‘Mommy can I sleep with you? But I’m like: ‘Yes, but also bring like twelve ice packs,’” Bell told Entertainment Tonight, at the time. “I literally sleep with ice packs right now, so you know, Europe’s great, but home is best.”