Lake Conroe closes due to high water levels

Authorities warned that high water levels may lead to floating debris, submerged objects and other hazards that are safety risks.

Video Transcript

- Lake Conroe has been temporarily closed to all motorized boat traffic due to hazardous water conditions. The San [? Jacinto ?] River Authority closed the lake effective at noon Saturday due to high water levels, submerged objects, floating debris, and other hazards that could put people at risk. Officials said the lake level had risen nearly two feet above normal after up to 5 inches of rain fell in a span of several hours. The river authority was working to release water to allow the lake to return to normal, but additional rainfall over the weekend may prolong that operation. As of Saturday at noon, the lake level was 202.99 feet above mean sea level, which is a 100% full.

- That flash flood watch still does go into effect through 7:00 AM and that means we all need to be cognizant of the fact that there is at least the potential for more flooding all the way through Sunday morning. I mentioned that isolated severe weather risk as well.