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Lakeland Magic vs. Iowa Wolves - Game Highlights

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Watch the Game Highlights from Lakeland Magic vs. Iowa Wolves, 03/05/2021

Video Transcript

- So he is not in the starting lineup or playing, which necessitated Wigginton to get the start.

--suspended and then ultimately canceled. What a look. Franks took care of it. Beautiful bounce pass by Billy Garrett.

- Lakeland showing every bit of that defense you mentioned, David.

- What makes that defense so good, at least so far in this one?

--a little bit heavier or maybe just a slightly better shooting percentage. You know, so many of these guys are just so close.

- Devin Cannady!

- They dealt with injuries and roster fluctuation, and the season just got off to the wrong start with five players suspended for two games because of violations of health and safety protocols.

Canyon Barry off of one foot.

That is the third and final game of our NBA TV triple-header. Canyon Barry, count it and one.

- And they never miss when they do.

- Who's the other?

- A big man, Onuaku. Used to play for--

- Oh, that's right.

- --Rio Grand Valley. He used to do it to.

- Charlie Brown Jr., in tandem with Zylan Cheatham, rocking the rim.

Really delivered on that performance against Raptors 905. Giving the playoff-bound 905 a bit of a scare yesterday.

A lot of early scouting going on on Stan Heath's side.

- Yeah, nine years old. That's quite the start.

- Canyon Barry looking for a 3.

- 3 for Canyon--

- --essentially as a roster replacement, then was waived and ultimately picked back up after Iowa made some adjustments to their roster.

- Tahjere McCall!

- --Mane in the backcourt as well. So getting much less time, Rowsey is. That's gonna take some getting used to as well.

- Raphiael Putney driving in and--

- Raphiael Putney.

- --puts it in over the outstretched arm of Hogg.

Teske, a beautiful--

- DJ--

- --look to Hogg.

- --Hogg!

- --Hogg. And throw it down, young man. I thought he was going for the layup here, but he turned that thing over.

Lakeland bench is proud of themselves for things like that, making those guys interact with them instead of thinking about the game.

- Murphy spinning and scoring.

- Foul and the basket for Jordan Murphy.

- Hogg called for the foul.

They can dribble it out.


And the clock expires on a 114-94 victory.