Lakeville Family Searches For Veterans Belongings

A Lakeville family is asking the public's help in finding two irreplaceable items belonging to a Vietnam Veteran, reports Marielle Mohs (2:10). WCCO 4 News - April 10, 2021

Video Transcript


ERIN HASSANZADEH: Thank you for joining us. I'm Erin Hassanzadeh.

A Lakeville family is asking for help finding two irreplaceable items that belonged to a Vietnam veteran. War medals were taken during a burglary at a townhome near Heritage Commons in Lakeville. No one was home at the time. Marielle Mohs spoke to the veteran who's missing his medals.

ELAINE OBERSHAW: Our particular building, there are four units. And so we felt fairly safe.

MARIELLE MOHS: Neighbors look out for one another in this Lakeville townhome community. And it was a neighbor who noticed something seemed off at Richard and Elaine Obershaw's home on Easter Sunday and found out later that their home had been broken into. The Obershaws flew home from Florida to find their home unrecognizable.

ELAINE OBERSHAW: Like a tornado had gone through. I mean, every drawer, every cupboard was open and things were thrown out.

MARIELLE MOHS: When the Obershaws returned to their neighborhood the very next day, they found that their car was stolen as well as several other expensive items inside their house, including jewelry, medication, lamps, and tools. But there was something irreplaceable that was stolen right off their wall, something they want back more than anything else.

RICHARD OBERSHAW: On my wall in my office was both a Purple Heart medal and a Bronze Star medal. And for some reason, they think they needed to take that.

MARIELLE MOHS: Richard served nine months as a staff sergeant in the Vietnam War for the US Army.

RICHARD OBERSHAW: It brings back a lot of memories of how I got them in Vietnam. Got shot there in May of 1969 and was awarded those medals, so I'm pretty proud of them.

MARIELLE MOHS: Lakeville police are investigating the burglary. Investigators say the thief or thieves broke into the home through a downstairs bedroom window. These medals are not just cherished by the man who earned them, but the whole family, including their son, Shane.

SHANE OBERSHAW: There's not a day that goes by where you don't hear a good old-fashioned Vietnam story from him. We need these medals to come home where they belong.

MARIELLE MOHS: In Lakeville, Marielle Mohs, WCCO4 News.

ERIN HASSANZADEH: The Purple Heart medal has Obershaw's name engraved on the back. If you find either medal, call Lakeville police.