Can LaMelo Ball catch Anthony Edwards in Kia Rookie of the Year race?

Now that LaMelo Ball is back and impressing on the court, does he have a chance to catch Anthony Edwards in the Rookie of the Year chase?

Video Transcript

CHRIS MILES: All right, Channing, let's bring you in on this discussion because, you know, GA gave me a little bit. I said, hey, hey.


CHRIS MILES: Where are you on this, Channing?

GREG ANTHONY: No, now I was at-- well, first of all, when you sat there and said, he couldn't be on a rookie ladder, that's what made give you a look.

CHRIS MILES: I said he wasn't on the top five.

GREG ANTHONY: Oh, no, that's not what you said.

CHRIS MILES: I'm sorry.

GREG ANTHONY: OK. I wasn't talking about Rookie of the Year. I think Asch was right on point.

CHANNING FRYE: I was on mute because I was laughing so hard, right? Because I was like, wait, wins don't matter? Isn't Minnesota not good this year?

GREG ANTHONY: That's what I was thinking.

CHANNING FRYE: Anyways-- so anyways, here's the deal. Anthony Edwards and LaMelo are different ends of the spectrum for me. Both of them have been amazing. I think LaMelo is a culture changer. I think LaMelo makes everyone better around him, while I think Anthony Edwards is a special, number one, athlete. I think he's going to become a special scorer.

I think when he slows the game down even more, or he gets more people around him and a more consistent situation, he's really going to blossom. But his tenacity, his attitude towards the game, all that I love.

But LaMelo-- stop it, people-- this dude is it. How he plays, I've watched the Hornets all year. I've watched the Hornets more almost than the Blazers, and I work for the Blazers half the time. It's just he's that good. He does things where I go-- I played with Steve Nash, LeBron, and I go, how did he see that? And it's just like he's that good.

CHRIS MILES: Wow, I think that's the great point you made. Hey, LeBron, Steve Nash, and you're still amazed by the passes that LaMelo Ball makes.

GREG ANTHONY: And Anthony Edwards still probably will win Rookie of the Year.


GREG ANTHONY: Well, in fairness, it's not like-- to Channing's point, it doesn't mean LaMelo--

CHRIS MILES: 21 games missed.

GREG ANTHONY: --probably won't-- you know, he could end up having a better career. But people get caught up-- with Rookie of the Year, it's not about the team's success unless you're the reason the team's winning. When LeBron was like the reason Cleveland was LeBron, you could argue the opposite for even Charlotte.

Because think about it's been ever since Gordon Hayward's gone down, they have struggled. Even when LaMelo came back, they've had their struggles. But you don't judge a rookie based on the overall team success because there's a reason why they were selected that high. And the same thing with Anthony Edwards, who you could also argue since he's been in the starting lineup, they've played pretty good basketball. And he's having a great year.

So that's kind of how that should be viewed. You base it on what they do individually. And I'm with Channing. I think LaMelo can be a culture changer for them. He's must watch TV. But you know what? Anthony Edwards is a lot of fun to watch as well. He' going to give you some highlight reels every night.