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Lana Condor Says Posting Bikini Photos On IG Is No Longer Her 'Biggest Fear'

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  • Lana Condor, 24, shared a message regarding body positivity in her recent Instagram stories.

  • She said that posting photos of herself in a bikini used to be "her biggest fear," but now her perspective has changed for the better.

  • Lana said her body is her "safest home," and that people should celebrate the bodies that they have, regardless of what they look like.

Actress Lana Condor, 24, dropped a few poolside bikini photos on Instagram over the week. And, while she looks amazing—and so happy—in them, she said in her Instagram Story that it was actually really hard for her to share those pics.

“Posting a bikini photo used to be my biggest fear (and sometimes still is!),” the To All the Boys I've Loved Before star wrote. “It's so difficult not to compare myself to others, so see imperfections and criticize them aggressively, to unfairly judge the weight I've gained as I mature into a grown woman. To think about what if's etc.”

But, Lana said, she’s now “beyond grateful” for her body. “This body that kept me up during my lowest points. This body that carried me through a pandemic and padded me lbs of reinforcements. This body that endures so much and still wakes me up everyday,” she said.

Lana pointed out that her body is her “safest home” and ended on this inspirational note: “So let's celebrate our bodies and remember it's the only one we have.”

Lana has been open in the past about struggling with body dysmorphic disorder, a condition where a person has persistent and intrusive negative thoughts about their body. People with body dysmorphic disorder will often obsess over their appearance and body image for many hours a day, according to the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI).

Lana previously told SELF that the ballet classes she took as a child shaped the way she sees her body. “When you see yourself in a mirror constantly, and you're, like, wearing nothing, you can really just nitpick yourself to death, which is so unhealthy,” she said.

“When I stopped doing ballet and classes, I felt like that was the beginning of where I could start working on the body dysmorphia…[that] was the beginning of, ‘Okay, I definitely need to heal because the way that I thought about myself when I was dancing was not healthy,’” she said. But Lana said that she still needs to work on her body image “every single day.”

Lana told People in February that she only recently realized the way she viewed her body was problematic.

The actress said she learned something wasn’t right after the London premiere of X Men: Apocalypse in 2016. “I remember at the time feeling like I looked horrible,” she said. "And then I see the photos again and I'm like, 'Oh my God, Lana, the way you were talking about yourself and the way that you saw yourself was so not the reality.' It really opened up this like, there's a lot you need to work on.”

Lana told People that the healing process is a “journey” for her. “Every day it's talking to yourself like you're your own best friend,” she said.

Now, Lana shared with fans that she's on the set of the new Netflix series Boo, Bitch, which will premiere in 2022.

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