Landfill in Manchester catches fire

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A fire broke out at a remote landfill on Olcott Street in Manchester around 5 a.m. Friday, according to the Manchester Fire Department.

Fire officials described it as a “moderate sized fire at the top of the landfill pile,” in a Facebook post Friday. Fire Chief Daniel French said debris in the landfill was on fire.

Firefighters requested an additional water tanker from the Glastonbury Fire Department and the effort took around 6,000 gallons of water before Public Works arrived with equipment to turn and re-bury the material.

Landfill fires happen occasionally, French said, and described this one as “not that bad.”

“We wind up working with Public Works, they bring in some heavy equipment, they move over, they roll over some of the stuff so that we can get to it with water,” French said. “Sometimes it’s quick but more often than not, not, because it’s deep and hard to get to.”

The fire is now under control, he said. There were no injuries or environmental hazards from the blaze.

French said they have not determined a specific cause. Landfills are built to speed up decomposition, which can create heat and sometimes ignite, he said.