Landlord taking to long to fix problems? In Bedford, renters can ask city for help.

Photodisc/Getty Images

If you live in Bedford and rent an apartment or house, the city may be able to help if the landlord isn’t fixing health and safety violations, such as water leaks or rodent infestation.

Bedford recently posted information on the city’s website about when renters can ask for help.

The city’s neighborhood services/code enforcement department can assist if landlords don’t fix problems affecting health and safety within a reasonable length of time, or provide a written explanation of the delay within five days of the repair request.

Violations can include smoke detectors that don’t work, inoperable locks or security devices, no air conditioning or heat, or water/sewer leaks.

Wes Morrison, Bedford’s community development manager, said other cities including Fort Worth, Arlington and Denton have similar programs for renters.