Laney Malavolta Identified As Woman Killed In Colorado Bear Attack

The woman killed in a bear attack near Durango last week has been identified as Laney Malavolta. An autopsy for Malavolta, 39, from the La Plata County Coroner revealed that the cause of death is "perforating injury to neck."

Video Transcript

- We do have an update for you tonight on the investigation into a deadly bear attack in southwestern Colorado. We have learned the name of the woman found dead on Friday in Trimble. That's near Durango. The autopsy shows that Laney Malavolta died from an injury to her neck. Her boyfriend found her body after going to look for her when she didn't return from walking her dogs. Wildlife officers found a mother black bear, two yearlings there. All three of them were put down, and a necropsy show the mama bear and one of the yearlings had human remains in their stomachs.