Langley Pond Park temporarily closed until the first week in February

AIKEN COUNTY, S.C. (WJBF) – The popular Langley Pond Park in Aiken County will be closed for the next couple of weeks as the park undergoes more construction.

New viewing and starting docks for rowing competitions are being installed here at langley pond park. An addition viewers will be excited for.

“They’re building a grandstand for a Regatta, it’s pretty amazing, a big one and a smaller one. And then, they’re building a starter dock where the six or eight boats that are gonna be racing – they’re held by a person – and then the referee says go and they go,” President of Row America Howard Winklevoss said.

And soon you’ll get to watch your favorite rower and team compete, on the water.

“A lot of mothers and fathers go to races, and they can’t see the race. We’re gonna be right out in the lake with bleachers and the whole nine yards. So, should be – it’s the first, in my knowledge and I’m in the business, building rowing docs – so it’s gonna be pretty exciting,” Winklevoss said.

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Howard Winklevoss is the president of Row America. With his experience in the business, he believes these new improvements call for growth.

“They tell me that they have Regattas here during the summer and with the grandstand, it will be a wonderful event. Regattas are kinda hard to watch ‘cause you can’t see anything. But these people are gonna be right out in the lake watching the kids come down.”

Winklevoss tells me every part of this project is going to be a plus for competitions in Aiken County.

“For the starting dock, the rowers will just row over to it, and back into it. So, it’s very convenient and it’s a little warm up on the way to the little starting dock.”

The remainder of the park is still open and the loading will reopen on Saturday February 3rd.

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