LAPD Close Felony DUI Investigation Into Anne Heche Car Crash

Anne Heche Dies One Week After Crashing Car Into A House - Credit: Amanda Edwards/Getty Images

The Los Angeles Police Department announced Saturday that they have closed their investigation into Anne Heche after the actress was declared legally dead from injuries she sustained in a high-speed car crash.

After the Aug. 5 crash where Heche — reportedly traveling over 100 miles per hour — drove into a  home in the Los Angeles suburb of Mar Vista, police announced they were investigating the accident as a “felony DUI traffic collision“; the homeowner was in the house at the time of the crash — thus the felony charge — and an LAPD spokesperson revealed they found “the presence of drugs” in a preliminary blood draw.

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However, following news that Heche is brain dead — and legally dead, under California law — and will be taken off life support as soon as her organs are donated, the LAPD said that they will not pursue the case posthumously.

“As of today there will be no further investigative efforts made in this case,” the LAPD said in a statement to NBC News. “Any information or records that have been requested prior to this turn of events will still be collected as they arrive as a matter of formalities and included in the overall case. When a person suspected of a crime expires, we do not present for filing consideration.”

Heche was declared brain dead Friday after suffering an anoxic brain injury in the crash. While the actress was seen alive after being pulled out of the wreckage, she later lapsed into a coma; in a statement Thursday, her family said Heche was “not expected to survive.”

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