LAPD Facing Lawsuit After Officers Arrest Black Man During Search For White Suspect

The Los Angeles Police Department is facing a lawsuit after officers arrested a Black man outside of his home during a search for a white suspect in 2019.

Video Transcript


- Get away!


- Get away.

PAT HARVEY: Cries for help from an innocent man put in handcuffs outside his own home. Good evening, I'm Pat Harvey. And our top story on "CBS2 News at 6:00," disturbing video of the rough arrest is out, and now the LAPD is facing a lawsuit.

CBS2's Chris Holmstrom joins us now with the details on what was caught on camera. Chris?

CHIRS HOLMSTROM: Yeah, Pat. The man you see in this video is a Hollywood music producer. And his attorneys say this is a case of racial profiling, excessive force, and wrongful arrest. It all happened back in 2019, but we're just now seeing the video after a judge ordered it released. Take a look.

- Turn around.


- Turn around.


- Turn around because I told you to. Turn around.

ANTONE AUSTIN: What are you doing, bro? I live here.

- All right. We got a call.

CHIRS HOLMSTROM: All right, so officers were responding to a call on Fountain Avenue in Hollywood about a man who had violated a restraining order. The lawsuit says the suspect was white. However when officers arrived, they arrested Antone Austin, who is Black.

In the video, you can hear him repeatedly telling officers that they got the wrong guy. But then, that's when things escalated. One officer's bodycam fell to the ground, and you can hear a struggle and Austin yelling for help.


- Take him down.



- Why are you doing this?

- [INAUDIBLE] to ask me.

- Why are you doing this?

ANTONE AUSTIN: I didn't run from you. I was only asking you. Bro, I'm not him.

CHIRS HOLMSTROM: So, the woman who first called 911 and Austin's girlfriend both told police that he was the wrong man, but the girlfriend was also detained. And in the process, her robe came off and her entire body was exposed. The couple's attorneys say she suffered emotional and physical damages.

Now, we have reached out to the LAPD for a comment, but we have not heard back yet. Of course, we'll have much more on this story. That's straight ahead on "CBS2 News at 11:00." Pat, we'll send it back to you.

PAT HARVEY: All right. Thanks, Chris.