LaQuan Smith gives a nod to his hometown with his new collection

LaQuan Smith goes all-black to sex up the runway.

The fashion designer paid tribute to his hometown, New York City in his Fall/Winter Collection at New York Fashion Week 2020.

"This is the first time I'm doing an all-black collection. Why all black? I don't know. It felt right, it felt modern, I'm from New York. Everybody from New York wears black. And I just wanted to do something super, super relevant in today's time, but also still a level of representation of who I am and that's just creating beautiful things for women who want to feel truly beautiful and sexy,"

Smith chose a variety of textures and fabrics for his garments; from silky smooth nylon and velvet to hardier leather and furs.

He says he is building his brand and believes it will never be a trend, but a lasting legacy.