Large bear appears to ‘waltz’ with trees in comical video

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Trail-cam footage showing a bear rubbing its massive body against trees, at times standing and seeming to dance, was shared Wednesday by NBC Montana with a “Caption this!” instruction.

“He could do a Charmin commercial,” one commenter joked.

“Just the Bear Necessities,” another chimed in, referring to a song in the Disney film, “The Jungle Book.”

Many commented on the bear’s masterful effort in relieving an itch. But bears typically rub against trees to mark territory, and male bears often mark several trees while searching for breeding mates.

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A handful of NBC Montana followers suggested that someone put the bear’s actions to music. That’s when Don Redfoot, who captured the footage near Red Lodge, directed people to the Red Lodge Wildlife Sightings Facebook page, where the footage is put to music.

Click here to view Redfoot’s version and decide for yourselves whether his choice of “Waltzing with Bears” compliments or distracts from the bear’s tree-marking behavior.

With or without music, the footage is amusing and perhaps even enlightening.

–Image courtesy of Don Redfoot

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