Large Flock of Birds Swirls in Western Indiana Field

A large flock of birds put on a show before taking off into the western Indiana skies, video posted on January 4 shows.

Judy Sheese said she filmed this footage of the flock swirling above a field before the birds eventually fly off in Bowling Green, Indiana.

“The birds are noisy today in Indiana. Just like the movie, but the birds are friendly,” Sheese said on Twitter.

Brad Bumgardner, executive director of the Indiana Audubon Society, told Storyful the footage appears to show common grackles, a species of blackbird. He said red-winged blackbirds, rusty blackbirds, and European starlings are often mixed in with these large flocks.

Bumgardner said flocks of 10,000 to 50,000 birds is not uncommon, adding that he’s seen some flocks in Indiana up to 400,000 strong.

“In one sense this goes on every year, but many seemingly common bird sightings and phenomenon have gotten more attention this past year with more folks near their home in quarantine,” Bumgardner told Storyful. Credit: Judy Sheese via Storyful

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