Large Russian landing ship with signs of damage spotted in Sevastopol


Two large landing ships of the Russian Black Sea Fleet have been spotted at jetties in Sukharna Bay, which is part of the larger Bay of Sevastopol. One of them has external signs of damage.

Source: "Crimea. Realii"

Details: There are currently two Project 775 large landing ships in Sukharna Bay.

It is noted that the Black Sea Fleet has four such ships: "Caesar Kunikov" (hull number 158), "Novocherkassk" (142), "Yamal" (156) and "Azov" (151).

One of the large landing ships in Sukharna Bay has visible signs of damage - large red spots on the port side. This is the colour of the primer which is applied before the coat of grey paint.

After the start of Russia's military invasion of Ukraine, the hull numbers of all warships were painted over to make it difficult to identify units of the same type.

Background: The captain of the ship "Caesar Kunikov," which was damaged near Berdiansk, was buried in Crimea.