Large-scale drone attack on Russia was retaliation for Russia's drone attack on Kyiv the night before

Ukrainian intelligence has planned large-scale drone attacks on Russian regions on the night of 25-26 November in retaliation for the unprecedented Shahed drone attack Russia launched on Kyiv the night before.

Source: an anonymous Ukrainska Pravda source

Details: The source told Ukrainska Pravda that the attack on Russia started at 03:30 on 26 November and ended at 09:20. Around 35 drones were launched on targets in Moscow and Moscow Oblast, as well as in Tula and Smolensk.

The source stressed that all of these targets were linked to the Russian military or the military-industrial complex.

Quote: "This was an entirely symmetric response and a signal to Russia that it should think about the consequences of its actions.

The war should be fought among the military, confined to the areas of hostilities.

Attacks on civilians and outside of the areas of hostilities will not be left without response."


  • On the morning of 26 November, Russian forces claimed that they had shot down 24 UAVs over Russia.

  • The Russians are studying the new drones, resembling their own Shahed UAVs, that hit them late on 25 November and early on 26 November.

  • The Russians launched a record number of attack UAVs on Ukraine on the night of 24-25 November: 75 Shahed kamikaze drones, 74 of which were shot down.

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