Larimer County Residents Get Ready 'To Take Quick Action'

Northern Coloradans spent Saturday helping their friends and neighbors get ready for Sunday’s storm.

Video Transcript

KATHY WALSH: Well people who live near the burn scars, like Dave was talking about, of last year's wildfires are watching the rainy weather closely. And that's because those areas without vegetation have an increased risk of flash flooding. Michael Abeyta is live in Loveland.

And Michael, are residents up there prepared?

MICHAEL ABEYTA: Well, Kathy, as prepared as they're ever going to be. You know, Mother Nature in Colorado is often unpredictable. So that's why it's best to take extra steps to make sure that you're always prepared.

Northern Coloradans spent Saturday helping their friends and neighbors get ready for Sunday's storm.

ASHLEE SCHMITT: The High Park fire, there's still some burn scar up there. There's about 208,000 acres from the Cameron Peak fire.

MICHAEL ABEYTA: They, along with readiness mobilization group Serve 6.8, spent the day making sandbags for people who live in or near the Cameron Peak fire burn scar in case there's flooding in the area.

ASHLEE SCHMITT: If there's major rain that happens, anything like that, sandbags will be a help.

LORI HODGES: We will probably see some localized erosion or a little bit of flood events, but we shouldn't see any wide scale flooding from this storm.

MICHAEL ABEYTA: Lori Hodges is the director of emergency management for Larimer County. She says Mother Nature hasn't made it easy to prepare for the threat of flooding on the burn scar.

LORI HODGES: Because of the timing of this fire with winter ending it, and then having winter last as long as it has this spring, it's been really hard to do any efforts.

MICHAEL ABEYTA: They do have plans to drop off sandbags for residents in mid May, as well as debris removal efforts planned for the entire summer. But she says the most important thing people who live near the scar and people traveling through the area can do is sign up for emergency alerts from the county. There's one called Imminent Threat, which will tell you when it's time to flee.

LORI HODGES: If you do get that, you have to take quick action and seek high ground immediately.

MICHAEL ABEYTA: Now, also a good idea to have a portable radio with you because a lot of areas that are up there in the canyon, they don't have any kind of cell service. So a portable radio might be your only way to get information. Also, if you live up there, have important documents and valuables ready to go in case you do need to leave.

Now, and if you want to head-- sign up for those alerts from the county and the National Weather Service, text flood 2021 to 888777. Again, that's flood 2021 to 888777. In Loveland, Michael Abeyta, covering Colorado first.