Larry the Cable Guy will 'Git-R-Done' at Northern Quest

Aug. 11—Despite his image, Larry the Cable Guy isn't a Southern redneck. The veteran comic, who rose to fame as part of the Blue Collar Comedy Crew, is actually from Nebraska.

Larry the Cable Guy, aka Dan Whitney, appropriated the accent and attitude from his college roommates in Georgia. Whitney, 59, took it a step further by developing a stand-up act out of it. While out on the road early in his career Whitney came up with the catchphrase, "Git-R-Done,' which is the title of his book.

Whitney, who will perform Thursday at Northern Quest Resort & Casino, starred with Jeff Foxworthy, Ron White and Bill Engvall, on Blue Collar TV and embarked on a number of Blue Collar Comedy tours.

Whitney was wildly successful during the aughts. Three of his seven comedy albums went gold, meaning more than 500,000 copies of each album were sold. Whitney starred in a couple of critically panned film vehicles, "Larry the Cable Guy: Health Inspector," "Delta Force" and "Witless Protection." His most beloved and enduring film performance just might be as the voice of Mater, the beat-up tow truck in the Pixar animated "Cars" movies and shorts.

Like the aforementioned Foxworthy and Engvall, Whitney keeps it clean live and engages the audience.