Larry Elder will be on California recall ballot, judge rules

Larry Elder will be on California recall ballot, judge rules
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California gubernatorial candidate Larry Elder won a court battle to list his name on the recall ballot after the state said he did not qualify.

Elder’s attorneys were in an emergency court hearing Wednesday fighting a weekend ruling by the California secretary of state that argued “incomplete redacted and/or unredacted income tax returns were filed.” A judge ruled tax returns are not required for a recall election, contrary to state rules.

The ballots go to the printer Thursday.


“This isn’t just a victory for me, but a victory for the people of California. And not just those who favor the recall and support me, but all voters, including many who will come to know me. I am thankful for a fair judge,” Elder tweeted.

"The judge ruled that the law didn’t even apply to recall elections, and that even if it did, I 'substantially complied,'" Elder told the Washington Examiner. "This never should’ve gone this far in the first place, and I’ll leave it up to others to speculate as to why I was singled out for this unfair treatment."

Elder is one of 42 candidates who qualified for the Sept. 14 ballot after more than 2 million voters signed petitions to recall Gov. Gavin Newsom. The recall was spurred on by angry Californians who endured the nation’s longest lockdown measures and the worst economic fallout. Residents and business owners have left the state in droves, resulting in a lost House seat for the first time in history.

During the past several months, Newsom has embarked on a "save California" tour to rebuild his image. The first segment dealt with promoting vaccine sites, as the state was among the last to enact a rollout. Currently, Newsom is promoting a $12 billion homeless fund with billions more in aid for stricken residents unable to work or pay their bills for the last year.

The state Legislature moved up the recall date from November to September to capitalize on poll numbers showing more than 50% of voters do not support a recall.

Elder is running on a platform of family values and an opposition to cancel culture. He is one of several high-profile Republican candidates in the race that includes reality star Caitlyn Jenner, Assemblyman Kevin Kiley, former San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer, and Newsom’s 2018 election rival John Cox.


Newsom signed a law in 2019 that requires tax returns for presidential and gubernatorial primary elections. The California Supreme Court struck down the law for presidential elections but did not address the issue of governors.

Elder’s attorneys argued this election was not a primary election.

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