Larry Stansbury Bares the Triumphs and Pains of Being a Voice in a Digital World

The digital age has ushered in an unprecedented power to the voices that might not have surfaced in tri-media times. Today, people from unlikely backgrounds can speak up and become a thought leader, even without a privileged background. The digital media age has made content all about the value and insight that one provides. Such is the case for writer and thought leader Larry Stansbury.

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A writer from Manhattan, Larry has reached great heights through his written work. He currently has bylines in some of today’s most influential online publications, including PopSugar, Good Housekeeping, Her Campus, and many others. Larry writes on various topics, including food, lifestyle, sports, entertainment, sex, and relationships, to name a few. On top of his writing career, he’s also a budding PR professional. His influence has now stretched out to top editors, celebrities, personalities, and publicists in the New York area and beyond.

But Larry is often the first to share about the challenges that life has thrown his way as well. Growing up, he served as his household’s second parent after his mother got into an accident that resulted in severe back pain.His father worked hard to put food on the table, often absent for several hours a day, leaving Larry to care for his mother and help out in the home. But the experience would teach the writer to persevere through life’s trials.

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Larry would discover his talent for the written word while still in school. He started writing extensively for various publications and blogs. But even as Larry Stansbury would begin writing, storms would continue to rage in his life. He shared that there were times when he was the object of cyber attacks for his work. “I received a horrifying post on my wall from a ‘friend’ that changed my entire life,” shares the distinguished writer. “It read, ‘Larry, can you do us a favor and leave us alone? You are the ugliest person ever, and no one likes you.’ There were comments back and forth from people who were comparing me to animals. I was humiliated and ostracized.”

Despite the trolling and bullying, Larry would stand by his craft and beliefs, choosing to rise above all circumstances and share what he has to say to the world. He would soon come up with a piece called “What It Was Like Being Black in a Fraternity,” which Larry published on the popular blogging site Medium. The blog would go viral and earn the writer many recognitions and praises for the compelling case about being a black man in a predominantly white fraternity.

Larry’s most significant influence is Michelle Obama. Apart from sharing the same birthday and idolizing the public figure, the New York-based author also looks up to her ideals, sharing how Obama has shaped many of his principles. Moreover, Larry knows how to stay relatable in the way he lives and writes. He always seeks to engage people in thought and conversation and knows how to network tirelessly. Larry holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Writing and Rhetoric from Syracuse University and hopes to work with some of the world’s biggest brands, non-profits, and other digital outlets.

Stansbury is also an author of one book entitled Conquering Adversity One Step at a Time.