Las Vegas man told police he stabbed his wife to death while 5-year-old slept next to them

LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — A Las Vegas man is accused of stabbing and killing his wife while their 5-year-old daughter slept next to them, police documents said. He later told police he would not have killed his wife if she had cuddled with him.

On Feb. 3 at around 1:30 a.m., Moises Sanchez, 53, called police and said he wanted to turn himself in because he killed his wife at their home in the 4900 block of Chantilly Avenue, near East Charleston Boulevard and Marion Drive, according to an arrest report.

<em>Moises Sanchez, 53, of Las Vegas (LVMPD)</em>
Moises Sanchez, 53, of Las Vegas (LVMPD)

Arriving officers found Sanchez in the driveway of the residence and took him into custody. Additional officers found Sanchez’ wife, later identified as Veronica Cortes-Rosales, inside the garage which had been converted into a bedroom, the report stated.

Police said Cortes-Rosales was lying in the bed, covered by a blanket, with a “significant” amount of blood around her body. Medical personnel responded and pronounced her dead at the scene.

Also inside the residence were the couple’s three young daughters.

Sanchez told police that he and Cortes-Rosales had been married since 1999 and lived at the residence for around seven years, along with their three young daughters, his adult son, and his daughter-in-law, according to the report.

Sanchez said Cortes-Rosales started “acting differently” three or four months ago and he believed she was having an affair with her coworker, the report stated. Sanchez could not explain to police why he thought she was having an affair, other than the fact that she was not affectionate with him anymore and was texting on her phone at night.

He told police he once took her phone by force and she would become “nervous,” but he said he never went through it. Sanchez also admitted to police that he would spy on Cortes-Rosales while she was at work, but that he never saw her “engaged in anything other than normal social interaction,” according to the report.

Sanchez said he borrowed his friend’s vehicle on Feb. 2 to watch Cortes-Rosales while she was at work, sitting with his cousin in a nearby parking lot where he could see her car.

While Sanchez was watching Cortes-Rosales’ work, he called her and made up a story about his car breaking down and asked her to pick him up. Sanchez told police he was upset that she did not believe him and refused to pick him up, the report stated.

At the end of her shift, Sanchez said he saw Cortes-Rosales leave her work and sit in her car for a few minutes before she left the parking lot and drove home.

When Sanchez got home, Cortes-Rosales was lying in bed with their 5-year-old daughter and Sanchez started to argue with her. Before he got into bed, he grabbed a hunting knife and put it in a trunk on the side of his bed, according to the report.

Sanchez told police that he attempted to hug Cortes-Rosales from behind several times, but she pushed him away, at which point Sanchez said he “lost it.”

Sanchez said he grabbed the knife and stabbed Cortes-Rosales in the back one time and told her to “shut the [expletive] up” when she tried to scream, saying he didn’t want her to wake up the kids, the report stated.

He then stabbed Cortes-Rosales a second time in her neck but saw blood spreading toward his daughter, so he picked her up and covered Cortes-Rosales with a blanket before putting his daughter in a different bed, he told police.

Sanchez told police that he then called his cousin and asked him to come over. He told his cousin that he “[expletive]d up” and said he stabbed and killed his wife before he asked his cousin to move his daughter to a different room while Sanchez called the police.

Sanchez also told police that earlier in the week, he shot his son’s gun through a pillow in his bedroom after seeing in a movie that it could act as a silencer. Sanchez denied that this incident was any type of premeditation or threat toward his wife, the report said.

When asked by detectives, Sanchez admitted that cuddling up to Cortes-Rosales and the made-up story about his car were “tests,” and said that if Cortes-Rosales had responded to his “affection” in bed, he would not have killed her.

Sanchez faces charges of open murder and murder in the first degree with the use of a deadly weapon. He is being held at the Clark County Detention Center without bail.

For a list of local and state resources for domestic violence and abuse victims, visit this link.

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