Las Vegas Strip crowded with foot, vehicular traffic as excitement builds for Super Bowl Sunday

LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Both vehicular and foot traffic on the Las Vegas Strip has been dense over the last few days as the town gears up for Super Bowl LVIII.

It’s nearly shoulder to shoulder for those who choose to walk, with celebrities making regular appearances at stores and companies giving away free stuff.

But what’s most important for the crowd is Sunday’s big game.

“It’s the gambling capital of the world, it’s the entertainment capital of the world. Why not have the best team in the world play here?” Jason Cole, a Kansas City Chiefs, said. 

“The vibe has been great, positive. A lot of niner fans,” Rick Wiley, San Francisco 49ers fan, said.

Along the Strip people were wearing jerseys, hats, and chains. All this energy, building up for Sunday.

For those driving, traffic is expected to get worst in the next 24 hours as several roads will close. Some visitors took steps to avoid it.

“We’ve been taking Ubers,” Mary Elliott, a 49ers fan, said.

“This is the first trip we’ve taken when we didn’t rent a car, because we knew it was going to be so chaotic with the traffic,” Lana Greene, who came with Elliot and is also a 49ers fan, said. “We’re doing something different, so far it’s working.”

Luxor Drive is completely closed, and Las Vegas Boulevard, Frank Sinatra Drive, and Russell Road have lane restrictions.

Still, those in town for the Super Bowl say Las Vegas is the best host city.

“I will say a 10 out of 10, they know how to do it,” Kansas City native and Chiefs fan Lori Lewellen said.

Her son Dylan agreed with that.  “Yeah, I’d say a 10. This is awesome. This is so much better than Miami.”

“It’s the Disney World for adults,” Lori added.

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