‘Laser Loon’ decorates new St. Paul Public Library cards, stickers, totes, t-shirts… while supplies last

It has eyes that could peer into your soul, or at least into your history of overdue library books. You know who you are, and so does the (magnificent? dreaded?) “Laser Loon,” which now decorates the latest limited-edition library cards issued by the St. Paul Public Library system.

The loon-less design of the new state flag continues to be the stuff of partisan cultural divide, with some state lawmakers vowing to make it a significant topic of debate this legislative session. Out of some 2,500 design submissions, the laser loon stood apart for its fiery eyes, casting twin red beams upwards toward some unseen foe.

While the laser loon did not ultimately sway a state task force entrusted with choosing the winning flag design, which is both bird-less and laser-less, the (majestic? terrifying?) loon now adorns the capital city library system’s library cards, which are free for residents to pick up at any city library location. Those who do will receive a 15% discount for the Friends of St. Paul Public Library’s online shop, which features a limited-time-only supply of laser loon merchandise, including canvas bags and t-shirts.

A portion of sales proceeds support library programs and services.

Inspiration for the design came from a mock-up that the library system posted to Instagram on Dec. 23, with the laser loon imposed above the large red-letter command “READ.”

The social media post drew upwards of 2,000 “likes” and hundreds of comments from across the state and beyond it, with one user writing, perhaps cheekily, “Moving to St. Paul just to get this library card.”

Actual St. Paul residents can visit any of the 13 library locations with their photo identification and proof of residence. Current card holders can apply for a replacement card, which will carry a new individual account number, or may request a free sticker to apply to their existing card.

Visit www.sppl.org for more information.

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