This Is the Last Coffee Mug You Will Ever Need

Scouted/The Daily Beast/Hydro Flask
Scouted/The Daily Beast/Hydro Flask

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Like most of the adult world that want to function before 10 am, I drink coffee nearly every morning. Whether it is from my own coffee maker, the office or the shop down the street, I need that boost of caffeine to start my day on the right foot. That being said, my own coffee mug can’t quite be brought anywhere but home, and frankly, burns my hands for the first 10 minutes I try and hold it. This really only leaves me about five minutes to actually drink my coffee at a good temperature before it gets too cold and I’m left with an awful lukewarm drink that tastes like frozen dirt.

The Hydro Flask Coffee Mug is not only the solution to these problems but it’s also the last coffee mug I ever want to use. The mug, of course, has many of the features that Hydro Flask is known for already including its ability to properly insulate and maintain temperature. This is a major benefit to someone like me who wants every sip of coffee to be just below the point where I burn my tongue and throat. The insulation has allowed me to take so much more time drinking it and actually enjoy it leisurely throughout the morning instead of taking massive gulps in the tiny sweet spot where the coffee is at my desired temperature.

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The coffee mug also comes with a closeable press-in lid so you can take your cup on the go with you anywhere. The lid actually does a pretty good job keeping everything inside as opposed to many other “closeable” lids where even the slightest jiggle will spill at least a little coffee out of the top. Instead, you can feel comfortable being pretty cavalier with your Hydro Flask Mug and moving it around without risk of burning your hand on the coffee that slips out.

The mug is made of stainless steel, so for someone who is basically always a high risk to drop something (like me), you can rest easy knowing that the mug won’t shatter or dent. All of these factors make the Hydro Flask Mug great for outdoor adventures. By being able to keep your coffee hot for long periods of time, move on the go with it without spilling and being able to drop it without the risk of damage, the mug is perfect for a more rugged environment.

While all of these features already put the mug far and away above the competition, the biggest difference for me is the soft-touch exterior. Instead of a traditional mug where you’ll feel the heat coming from your drink on the sides, Hydro Flask has put a shell of soft, insulating material around the outside. As a result, no matter how hot your drink is, you can’t feel it in your hands.

Hydro Flask is already the gold standard when it comes to water bottles, but for the rest of my life, if I have a hot drink, I want to be sipping it out of a Hydro Flask Mug.

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