Last Year’s Corvette Is Still The King Of The Road

John Puckett
·2 min read

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Saying this car is 'great' is an understatement!

The Corvette is one of those cars that just keeps getting better. Although, the eighth generation design change has seemed to interrupt the trend of the incoming model year topping the one prior. Not that the C8 Stingray is not the most powerful base model to date because it is. However, the title for the most capable Corvette is still being held by the 2019 ZR1 which is able to sprint to 60-mph in under 3-seconds and hit a top speed of over 212-mph.

Maybe Chevrolet passed on the winning formula in favor of the new mid-engine layout or maybe last year's ZR1 is still better because Chevy hasn’t made a comparable version yet. To know for sure, we will just have to wait and see. Until then, those wanting the most capable Corvette ever made will have to settle for a used 2019 ZR1 but settling doesn’t have to mean giving up on that new car feel thanks to some original buyers with the forethought of preserving one of the most sought after cars in modern history.

For example, this 2019 Corvette ZR1 3ZR ZTK being offered at auction on Awesome Joe Auctions has only barely even been broken in. Finished in a unique Ceramic Matrix Grey over a leather interior accented with carbon fiber and blue stitching, this is a truly stunning car. Thanks to the original buyer’s options, the car came equipped with the 3ZR and ZTK packages, making it irrelevant that someone else got to pick the options because it is exactly how everyone else would have ordered it. Now for the bad news.

Unfortunately, the fact that ZR1 production was limited and GM hasn’t made a new C8 ZR1 yet means that the demand is high and supply is low. At the time of publishing this the current bid for this car was at $142,500. Bid on it here.

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