Last-Minute Buys: 6 Makeup Accessories to Add to Your Christmas List

Looking for the cutest little makeup accessories to add to your Christmas list? 21Ninety’s got you covered with everything for all the favorite girlies in your life!

Makeup is truly a personal choice. With so many brands ranging from drugstore chic to haute couture, everyone has specific picks for their set of glam tools. So while shopping for makeup can be a challenge — especially for those that seem to own every product ever manufactured under the sun and moon — it can also be a great gift idea, even as the countdown to Christmas continues to tick on.

Makeup accessories are the perfect affordable gift for all your favorite women — from your mom to your bestie!

They are the gifts your favorite girlies never knew they needed. They’re the ideal balance of thoughtful and practical and aren’t typically something we’d think of getting for ourselves. But if you’re still running around hoping to find the perfect last-minute gift, makeup is the perfect — and affordable — gift for any of the most special women in your life. You don’t have to break the bank to make a good impression!

Still looking for some shopping inspo? Add these six makeup accessories to your Christmas list!

Makeup Organizer

We all have that chaotic bestie. Gone are her days of the odd brush strewn about and asking to borrow your lipstick because hers is lost somewhere underneath her desk. When it comes to a makeup organizer that does the most, this is it. This organizational cosmetic heaven comes with four pieces that interlock and detach so you can stack them on top of eachother to save space or use them separately. 


Because it’s made of clear acrylic, you can see where everything is and not have to dig through miscellaneous drawers, all while proudly displaying your favorite items front and center. It’s also extremely durable and waterproof, making it ideal for the accident-prone babe! This vanity organizer includes 12 lipstick compartments and nine drawers in various sizes to also hold nail polish, skincare and jewelry.

Vanity Mirror

Sometimes, good lighting can be tricky to come by, especially if all you have is unreliable fluorescent bathroom lighting or wait for the narrow window of natural light to filter in through your blinds. Now, flawless makeup application is just one button away with this glamorous LED vanity mirror. 


Adjust the brightness in three different levels that illuminate the nine frosted LED globe bulbs for a lifetime of 50,000 hours and adds a classic, Hollywood touch to any room, bathroom or vanity. Everything is controlled with the touch-sensitive sensors and the intelligent light memory function automatically turns on the light to your most recent setting. And, because it’s compact and portable, you can easily take it with you on your travels for impeccable lighting on-the-go!

15 Piece Professional Makeup Set

We know how much makeup brushes can break the bank, and the consequences of getting bargain makeup brushes like uneven application and bristles that just fall apart right before your eyes. Truthfully, hunting down makeup brushes that are both great quality and affordable feels next to impossible, so this 15-piece professional makeup set is a rare find! 


The set comes with seven eye brushes, five face brushes, a cleaning tool and a blending sponge, and we all have seen blending sponges can cost upwards of $20 alone! The silky soft bristles are suitable for all skin types and serve as essentials for all kinds of application, from foundation to contouring and smudging the perfect smokey eye.

Traveling Makeup Bag with Mirror

Packing for that next trip? Girls’ weekends, romantic getaways, holiday adventures and weddings all mean you’ll need to take your glam with you, and a versatile makeup bag that holds all the essentials is a must. This traveling makeup case does the job, and comes with a mirror that you can prop up for emergency touch ups, or just in case every bathroom happens to be occupied.


The bag itself is made of durable, waterproof PU leather with a double-way metal zipper that glides like butter as you open and close. It also comes with removable attachments to secure the mirror at 90 degrees. Inside, you’ll find 6 detachable EVA partitions and a large brush storage board featuring 10 compartment bags. Adjust the insides to suit your needs and even use the space for small toiletries and jewelry.

Electric Makeup Brush Cleaner

Raise your hand if you’re guilty of not washing your makeup brushes. Don’t worry, we’ve all been there, but keeping the bristles clean means bacteria from caked in powders, creams and clays stays away from clogging your pores. This electronic makeup cleaner not only cleans your brushes, but dries them as well.


The cleaner comes with two brush collars to fit brushes of all sizes and is easy to use. Simply insert your dirty brush and add water to the base, then press to wash. To dry, dump the water, reinsert your brush and press to dry. It’s battery powered and comes with a USB charger for up to 50 full charges and a fragrant disc to add a fresh scent to your brushes after washing.

24K Gold Under Eye Patches

You can load up on foundation and undereye concealer, but sometimes it can feel impossible to hide tired eyes. These 24K gold eye patches moisturize the delicate skin under your eyes, priming them for an effortless, fresh faced look that lifts, brightens and soothes the skin. It’s the perfect remedy to a long-night or unexpected puffiness. 


Just place a transdermal gel patch under each eye and enjoy some much-deserved self-care for 10-15 minutes as they hydrate with all-natural moisturizers. You’ll also benefit from the anti-aging hyaluronic acid which promotes a youthful appearance. Additionally, they’re vegan, cruelty-free and slip right into your toiletries bag for a quick refresh wherever you go.


Melody Beuzelin is a contributor for 21Ninety.


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