Last Round Of Snow Arrives Friday

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LAUREN WHITNEY: There is another round of snow coming our way. But we had a lot last night and into early today. Almost 23 inches of snow for our wet mountains in Southern Colorado. Silver Plume with 18 inches of snow, Aspen Park just over a foot, and conifer with 10 inches of snow. Closer to the Denver area, two and a half inches for Aurora, Littleton, and Lakewood. DIA officially with 1.6 inches of snow.

So that put us now, we are now tied for the second snowiest March on record with 1944 with 32.5 inches of snow so far this month. And for our liquid that came from all of that snow? 3.65 inches. So it is now the second wettest March on record as well. So there was a lot of moisture in all of that snow and we're going to see a little bit more snow later this week.

Satellite and radar still have some snow and rain out in the eastern plains. A little bit of action still over in Western Colorado. Front Range we actually had a little sunshine peeking through, otherwise not much activity left for us. Now, our storm-- our first one that impacted us earlier this week, that has now gone over the Midwest. Actually, Minnesota saw a lot of really heavy rain, not necessarily snow, but they saw a lot of liquid as well. For us, this area of low pressure will keep moving to the south of Colorado, so there will still be some snow lingering tonight.

Our second-- our third system, I should say, and final one-- thank goodness-- of the week will start getting closer to Colorado by Friday. So we start to get some rain in Denver in the afternoon. Maybe some more snow that may fully push us into second place so we're not tied. To get to first place, we have to get another three-ish inches of snow. So we may not get that. And then looking at the Futurecast, you'll have a little bit of snow in the high country as well. So we'll still have a little bit of snow out there through tomorrow morning in many parts-- in a few places in the high country. We don't expect to see a lot still through tomorrow morning, but there may be some flurries left out their. Front Range, eastern plains, partly cloudy skies tomorrow. And then we still do see a little bit of mountain snow starting to stream in from that next area of low pressure that's making its way our direction. And then we'll see more snow on Friday.

Temperatures right now, we have 41 in Denver, 39 in Boulder, 44 out in Burlington. High country, 26 in Frisco, 33 in Aspen, and we have 37 from our weather watcher Paul Kaplan just northwest of Gunnison. Almanac for today, 41 our high today in Denver. 57 is the normal. It may not be until Sunday that we finally get above normal temperatures. And this month, so far, has been chilly. We have had one day in recent memory that has been above normal. Otherwise, it's a huge chunk-- 15 days of this month so far have been below normal. So it's certainly been cool out there for us. And we're actually going to wind down the month maybe with some warmer temperatures around here.

21 out at DIA tonight, Tony, in Fort Collins, teens, 20s out east, teens, 20s in the high country, and then tomorrow, 51. So we actually warm up a little bit around here. 50 in Fort Collins, 50s, close to the 60s, out east, 30s, 40s in the high country. And then for our five day forecast, a little cooler, again, on Friday with that chance of rain and snow coming back our direction. But then look at this weekend. 52 on Saturday and then 66 on Sunday.

- Very nice, Lauren. Thanks very much. Talking hoops, the Colorado School of.