Last Screening In Scenic Film Fest Slated For July In Hoboken

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HOBOKEN, NJ — Main Street Pops, a local pop-up programming company, teams up with Mile Square Theatre on July 10 to round out their virtual film festival fundraising series to benefit Hoboken.

They have produced two Wild & Scenic Film Festival virtual screenings featuring inspirational and uplifting film shorts celebrating the great outdoors. Originally planned as a live three-day event to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Earth Day, the team at Main Street Pops had to pivot and reinvent when the COVID-19 pandemic hit, so they created a virtual film festival fundraising series targeting local causes. So far they have raised over $13,000 for FLAG (Front Line Appreciation Group), Hoboken Community Center food pantry, Hoboken Shelter, and The Hoboken Relief Fund. Now they have set their sights on helping raise funds for Hoboken's beloved, Mile Square Theatre.

Tracy Gavant and Zabrina Stoffel, two co-founders of Main Street Pops, have been on the Board of Trustees at Mile Square Theatre for 10+ years, so this particular fundraiser holds a special place in their heart.

"The pandemic hit the performing arts industry particularly hard and we need to do everything possible to protect this gem of an organization," said Zabrina Stoffel in an impassioned statement.

"All the time, but particularly during challenging times, Mile Square Theatre and arts in general provide escape, entertainment, conversation starters for difficult topics - you know, it makes you laugh, makes you cry, and makes you think. And our event is no different- these films will move and inspire you", said Gavant.

This event, July 10th features a curated selection of film shorts entitled "Intentional Adventure" which follows humans at their boldest, pushing against the limits of terrain, physics, endurance, and the human heart. The $10 ticket price includes a few fan favorites like "Life of Pie" and "Wave Hands Like Clouds" and new selections that will warm your heart.

"It's fitting that we are finishing up this fundraising series with Mile Square Theatre, because we had originally planned to hold our opening night screening to kickoff the Wild & Scenic Film Festival weekend at MST, so we are glad to make them part of this event" said Shan Gettens, the third co-founder at Main Street Pops.

In addition to the Video-On-Demand films, the evening will feature a FaceBook Live adventure hosted by the original character they created, "The Wild and Scenic Guy" who will auction off a handful of unique COVID- complaint theater experiences to raise money to helps ensure the continued existence of Mile Square Theatre and MST Dance & Theatre Education. Stephanie Rostan, MST Board of Trustees President said, "We are so thrilled to partner with Main Street Pops to enable MST to continue to provide thought-provoking content and access to meaningful arts & dance education to our Hudson County Family".

Greg Dell'Aquilla, President of the Hoboken Business Alliance stated, "I've seen first hand the power and passion Main Street Pops brings to everything they do, and since non-profits are not eligible for relief funds from the Hoboken Relief Fund, I'm happy to see Hudson County's largest arts organization supported so that we can keep live theater as one of the economic engines Hoboken has to offer the public and adjacent businesses when the world recovers from this public health crisis”.

The Facebook Live event starts at 7:30 on July 10th and ticket holders will receive a video-on-demand link good for five days to view the films.Tickets are available at:

For more information on the film festival, go to For more information or to make a donation to Mile Square Theatre, go to

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This article originally appeared on the Hoboken Patch