What will the last USC-UCLA Pac-12 football game feel like?

We will obviously have a much better sense of how this last Pac-12 football season will feel like for USC when the moment arrives, and the Trojans say goodbye to each Pac-12 school they play in 2023.

Last game against Utah. Last game against Washington. Last game against Arizona State. It will feel weird knowing that annual competition against these schools will come to an abrupt end, with a renewal (in nonconference play) coming several years later, if that. A long and cherished history will be disrupted. Bonds of tradition and West Coast familiarity will be severed.

How will it feel? We don’t know. That invites layers of mystery into this 2023 college football season for USC and the rest of the Pac-12.

Among all the games USC plays this year, however, none will feel as strange as the UCLA game, precisely because that rivalry will — of course — continue, but under a different conference banner. This year’s battle for Los Angeles won’t be the last time USC and UCLA play, but it will be the last time (for a very long time) these schools play as Pac-12 members. What kind of feelings and emotions will that moment elicit in fans, players and commentators?

We explored this at The Voice of College Football.

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Story originally appeared on Trojans Wire