Last Weekend Of Dollar Bank Three Rivers Art Festival Kicks Off

The final three days of the festival are this weekend.

Video Transcript

SARAH AZIZ: We've got all new, 30 new artists down here. All your food is back. You know, all your funnel cakes, all your favorites, your corn dogs and whatnot, your chicken on a stick. That's all back.

So it is the final weekend coming up. Tonight, we've got Sugaray Rayford right here on the Dollar Bank Main Stage in Point State Park. He'll go on at 7:30. He's so fun, big blues singer. He's got this big, rich voice. Everyone is going to have a great time.

DAVID HIGHFIELD: That was Sarah Aziz getting us ready for the last weekend of the Dollar Bank Three Rivers Arts Fest. The final three days are this weekend. The Point location is active again for the weekend with a full lineup of entertainment. Caroline Rose is performing tomorrow and Son Little coming up on Sunday. And of course, so much else in between, with vendors and food and other performances as well. We've enjoyed highlighting some of the talented performers and the artists here on "PTL" all this week.