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Lasting Tribute Unveiled For Late Grammy Award-Winning Soul Singer Betty Wright

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A 5-block stretch of NW 14 Avenue in Liberty City was renamed "Betty Wright Lane."

Video Transcript

- Now all new at 6:00. A lasting tribute today unveiled for the late Grammy award winning soul singer Betty Wright. A five block stretch of Northwest 14th Avenue in Liberty City was renamed Betty Wright Lane. The Liberty City native was recognized not only for her musical legacy. But also for her civic contributions. CBS4's photojournalist Rafael Murciano was at today's ceremony.

BETTY WRIGHT: (SINGING) Dream lover, come rescue me.

FRANCIS SUAREZ: Had there not been a Betty Wright, whether or not there'd be a J-Lo. Or whether or not there'd be so many other household names that we've come to grow and love and listen to. But the beauty of it was she was a Miami product. Born and raised in Liberty City.

BETTY WRIGHT: (SINGING) Well, I couldn't resist the urge to tell you the end of my story.

TED LUCAS: I don't know nobody else that put Miami music on the map before Betty Wright put it on the map. She set the trend. She opened the door.

BETTY WRIGHT: (SINGING) No pain, no pain. No pain, no pain. No gain, no gain.

NAMPHUYO AISHA: When I think of my mother, I think of the way she lived her life. My mother was magic and she showed everybody that they were magic, and they had it inside of them.

BETTY WRIGHT: (SINGING) True love is were it's found.

NAMPHUYO AISHA: She loved Miami. Miami loved her. And she gave, and she gave, and Miami gave her. And she is the proof that we have that no matter where you come from, and all that no matter what you don't have, you can accomplish anything. And you can inspire the world to accomplish anything. And she did that.

- Thank you, thank you,

NAMPHUYO AISHA: I'm so pleased today that her name will be remembered for years to come. Everybody that rides by, even if they don't know her, they'll feel a little bit of that magic that we all felt when she was here.



- Great lady. So well-deserved.

- Beautiful tribute.

- Yes.