Latest construction begins to improve traffic flow around I-405 and Kirkland

Construction began on a multi-agency project to improve public transportation and accessibility in areas surrounding Lake Washington near Kirkland.

The I-405/Northeast-85th-Street-Interchange-and-Inline-BRT-Station-Project will add an off-ramp from the express toll lanes on I-405. Traffic will flow directly to a Stride Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) station that will also allow access back onto I-405.

These separate off-and-on-ramps are expected to improve traffic flow, while also allowing safer access of riders on and off buses.

The new BRT station will also add another ‘level’ to the interchange, which is currently a two-level interchange.

To understand this level system, imagine 85th Street as ‘Level 1′ and I-405 as ‘Level 2.’

The project will move I-405 to ‘Level 3′ with the new BRT station below at Level 2.

Level 1 will flow below Level 2, so crews will soon pothole both sides of Kirkland Way and the south side of NE 85th St.

The project is expected to be completed towards the end of 2027.

You can find more information on the project here.