The latest in digital publishing: 5 new apps to keep an eye out for

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Ulysses Writing App for Mac, iPad and iPhone

With Neuland 2.0, a "Startup Village for Digital Natives" returning to the Leipzig Book Fair in Germany later this year (March 23-26, 2017), we take a look at some of the most promising digital apps and programs in the publishing industry.

These five startup apps have all been selected by a jury to exhibit at the Leipzig Book Fair. Here's what sets them apart, and why you might be hearing more about them in the coming year...

Isle Audio: adding sound to electronic literature

Isle Audio has created "abook", an immersive sound experience for digital publishing, creating "a new way of reading ebooks." Reading becomes a multi-sensory experience, as the reader is immersed in an accompanying soundscape as they read a text on the app.

Ulysses: a new writing app for mobile devices

Ulysses is the latest in writing applications. While the market is already tough, with the likes of Scrivener and Evernote dominating the digital landscape, Ulysses has already amassed a loyal fan base, praised for its simplicity, as well as its ability to sync with multiple devices and handle multiple output types.

Wavefont: enhanced pronunciation guide

Wavefont by Silicon Surfer aims to unite speech and text by using different-shaped fonts to visually explain pronunciation. This has huge potential in language learning, as well as reading for the hearing impaired.

Booktype: opensource publishing

Simply put, Booktype allows creators to produce books, either for digital content or to print. The opensource platform also allows individuals to work together (graphic artists, editors, writers etc.) to improve and speed up the publication process.

SciFlow: Scientific writing with others

The SciFlow app invites researchers from around the world to collaborate on scientific papers, whether for editing purposes, proofreading or reviews. The app also offers journal templates to make publication a simpler, faster process -- ideal for such a fast-paced field.

Catch these five startups, as well as the other applications and programs selected for Neuland 2.0, at the Leipzig Book Fair from March 23-26, 2017.