The Latest: Hospital releases bank shooting victim

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    Glad she survived. I wonder how many ambulance chasers have spoken with the husband about suing? I expect that to be the next chapter in their lives with the bank settling.
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    Fifth Third by making their bank Gun Free Zones have taken on liability for your safety.As we all know that Gun Free Zones are a desired target.I hope a lawsuit is filed.Fifth Third failed to provide safety.
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    No thanks religitards
    So the cops did nothing compared to the paramedics and hospital staff?
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    We are living in the day of no reason.
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    I was just thinking about the whole concept of the "background check."
    While liberals insist on them, and believe in them, they aren't just for guns. They're for jobs, and memberships, and relationship websites, and yet liberals oppose them when it comes to letting people into this country, legally or otherwise.
    It seems to me that in reality, background checks actually create exactly the opposite as to what socialist democrats actually want, a classless society where everyone is worthy of respect.
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    Great job Cincinnati police officers.
    Thank You for your service and heroism.
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    "being neutralized by police officers" Seriously? What a nation of other language pansies we are becoming.
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    That's good news and bad news. Hopefully the victim will be OK. The bad news is you're still in Cincinnati.
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    A gun free zone.Security didnt even have guns.If Security had guns this guy might not have killed so many.Fifth Third wont pay to send the one guys body back to India.