The Latest: Family of officer charged in killing deny racism

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    Two pieces of evidence the public should be given:
    1) Where was Jean's body found (at the doorway or 5 feet from the doorway)?
    2) What time did Guyger's shift end and what time was the 9-1-1 call made?
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    Video of officer walking back and forth of apt shows clearly lighted area. So how can someone not know she is not in her apt. How do you enter and immediately not notice this isn't your apt. Was she drunk or high that it was all a blur? An officer is supposed to be much more alert and sharper. All her excuses do not add up at all. I think she did it knowingly--need to find out motive. Manslaughter is the right charge--1st degree in my view.
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    Tragic and Unfortunate my prayers to the family. But take heed to past practice for justice. States like TX,SC, MN, OK often do not like to prosecute police officers regardless of their crime in order to preserve the institution; case in point SC where the officer was filmed gunning down a fleeing black motorist, planted evidence and lied about the encounter. Despite the overwhelming evidence that should have been an easy conviction, still resulted in two hung juries prompting the Federal government to intervene to secure a conviction. The mentality is, it is better for the Feds to take the heat for convicting a cop than the state to convict one of its own officer and hold them responsible. Lets hope justice assail in this matter and not the prevailing of past practice forcing the Feds to step in. If the DA starts walking back on this case, like in many others, and does not really want to prosecute, they will present a whole list of charges focusing on murder that requires the prosecution to establish and prove without of shadow of doubt intent. Based off what the officer has said intent cannot be proven which will either force an acquittal or hung jury and in steps the Feds. The State "keeps face" and the Feds are the villain. Lets hope and pray this does not play out that way and the officer is held responsible. Being optimistic but know in the back of my mind justice might not come in the state of Texas for this Black family without Federal intervention.
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    It took 4 days to arrest her. He had a bright red carpet at his door. The hallway was well lit this not causing him to be silhouetted but her. She claims it was dark but why would a person walk in the dark? No architect would not put a convenience switch for light next to the front door.
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    "Garza said her (brother-in-law's) hand gestures were meant to shape the numbers "6'' and "9'' in celebration of his father-in-law's 69th birthday." What does a photo of a birthday party have to do with the story?
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    If she 'thought' she was in her own apartment, can anyone explain why she would have to go to the front door to get her apartment number, as per her Affidavit?
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    It's pretty obvious she is guilty of manslaughter at the very least. She made all the mistakes.
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    This officer was off duty, so I expect no taxpayers involvement here, let's her, her family, police association or police department to put up with legal bills and coming lawsuits.
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    OK, regardless of the circumstances which led up to her shooting Mr. Jean, if it was accidental as she asserts. Why did she allow him to bleed out for four minutes without attempting any first aid? That is not the behavior one would normally associate with an accidental shooting. It took four minutes for the EMTs to arrive and at no time did she do anything to assist Mr. Jean.
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    Wait..... you walk in side a house and you don’t know if it is yours or not? Was the house set-up identical? A police officer is skilled to be observant....... I am so confused