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Courtney Teague

WATSONVILLE, CA — Friday marks the first day that non-essential Santa Cruz County businesses will be allowed to provide curbside pickup for customers.

The encouraging news is a sign of progress, county officials say. The change comes as retail businesses will be able to offer curbside pick-up as California moves into Stage 2 of the state's four-part reopening plans, the county said in a news release. Under Stage 2, retail businesses and businesses that comprise retail supply chains will be allowed to reopen, though spaces such as offices, shopping malls and dine-in restaurants will remain closed.

Gov. Gavin Newsom gave additional guidance on what other businesses will be permitted to reopen under Stage 2. At some point in Stage 2, offices may start to reopen, diners can return to restaurants, and malls and outdoor museums may reopen.

Counties may implement stricter measures as they see necessary.

Under Stage 3 of California's reopening plan, higher-risk workplaces that require person-to-person contact such as gyms, hair salons, religious services, weddings and theaters would reopen. Sports venues could reopen without an audience.

Stage 4 would allow for the reopening of concert venues, sports venues and convention centers. That won't come until California has access to drugs to treat COVID-19, which experts say could take months or longer.

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In Other News

Anonymous gift: An unnamed donor gave $1 million to health care workers at Dominican Hospital.

Hungry kids eat for free: Find out where Watsonville kids can get free meals.

More testing: A testing site has opened at UC Santa Cruz to serve patients at the campus health clinic and Santa Cruz Community Health Centers. Another site will be opening soon in Watsonville for health care workers, first responders and vulnerable members of the community, such as farmworkers or homeless people.

Aww!: See a heartwarming video of health care workers and first responders gathering to say a special goodbye to the first COVID-19 patient discharged from Watsonville Community Hospital.

Help out: A local woman has started a GoFundMe to buy meals from Watsonville restaurants to feed Watsonville first responders. Bonus: Donate enough cash and you get a fabric mask!

We need a hero: Patch wants to recognize community members who are making a difference. Know someone? Tell us all about it here! The more detail about their acts of kindness, the better.

By The Numbers

As of Thursday 139 cases have been confirmed in Santa Cruz County (+8 people since last week), including 21 hospitalized patients (+2 people since last week). More than 4,448 COVID-19 tests (+878 tests since last week) have come back negative and 111 patients have been recovered (+23 people since last week). Two people have died.

COVID-19 Cases By Age

Age Group Number Of Cases
17 years and younger 5
18 to 34 years 33
35 to 49 years 40
50 to 64 years 38
65 years and older 23

Source: Santa Cruz County Health Services Agency

Patient Place Of Residence:

County Region Number Of Cases
North-County 37
Mid-County 54
South-County 41
Unknown 7

Source: Santa Cruz County Health Services Agency

Most Likely Source Of Exposure

Source Number Of Cases
Person-to-person 54
Community-acquired 45
Travel 25
Under investigation 15

Source: Santa Cruz County Health Services Agency

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