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Courtney Teague

WATSONVILLE, CA — Plans to head over to a Santa Cruz County beach this weekend? You might want to consider revising or canceling your plans.

Officials unveiled a new shelter-in-place order Thursday which will ease up on some restrictions while tightening others. Beaches will be closed entirely from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. to prevent crowding. Only exercise — no sunbathing, sightseeing, sitting or standing — is allowed during the other hours.

The order goes into effect Saturday.

You can get more complete information about Thursday's updates here, but below is a list of some significant activities/operations that will resume/reopen:

  • Some kids' educational/recreational groups with fewer than 12 people
  • Construction and landscaping
  • Golf courses/driving ranges
  • Real estate/moving
  • Fabric, craft stores for sale of materials used to create protective gear such as masks, gowns, etc.

The City of Watsonville is anticipating taking a financial hit thanks to the coronavirus and is looking to cut corners. Councilmembers voted Tuesday to reinstate early retirement incentive and voluntary time off programs.

The council also voted to accept $69,000 in federal aid for the Watsonville Municipal Airport.

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In Other News

More testing: The county and state are collaborating to open a specimen collection site at Ramsay Park in Watsonville, which will likely serve lower-risk patients who do not need immediate results. Officials expect it to open late next week.

Road map to reopening public life: The Community Foundation Santa Cruz County has brought onboard consultant Margaret Lapiz to help the county create a plan to restart the economy and community, at no cost to taxpayers. Officials say there must be more testing, among other services, before restrictions can be eased.

Hotels for health care workers: Santa Cruz County health care workers worried that they have been exposed to the new coronavirus may obtain a hotel room near their workplace at low or no cost to protect family members, thanks to a new state program.

We need a hero: Patch wants to recognize community members who are making a difference. Know someone? Tell us all about it here! The more detail about their acts of kindness, the better.

By The Numbers

As of Thursday 131 cases have been confirmed in Santa Cruz County, including 19 hospitalized patients. More than 3,570 COVID-19 tests have come back negative and 88 patients have been recovered. Two people have died.

COVID-19 Cases By Age

Age Group Number Of Cases
17 years and younger 5
18 to 34 years 31
35 to 49 years 37
50 to 64 years 37
65 years and older 21

Source: Santa Cruz County Health Services Agency

Patient Place Of Residence:

County Region Number Of Cases
North-County 36
Mid-County 49
South-County 38
Unknown 8

Source: Santa Cruz County Health Services Agency

Most Likely Source Of Exposure

Source Number Of Cases
Person-to-person 49
Community-acquired 39
Travel 25
Under investigation 18

Source: Santa Cruz County Health Services Agency

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