Latino voters discuss immigration, priorities

The Associated Press spoke with Latino voters in the United States about key issues, including immigration, for the interview series "AP Newsmakers." (Feb. 2)

Video Transcript

GISELLE MAMMANA DIAZ: No one likes change. No one likes really ruffling the status quo. So I think if we are going to move forward in any measure whatsoever, the way to do it is baby steps. Building the foundation and then building upon that to see where it goes. Other people need to see a little bit of movement to feel more confident to add more.

BARBARA MAGANA ROBERTSON: Like Giselle said, there's baby steps. But I'm not with complete reversal right now when we're in the middle of a pandemic because there's a lot of other things that are strings attached to when it comes to immigration, especially when we're in the middle of what's going on with COVID.

FREDDY PORTILLO: I don't have people running through my backyard trying to steal my whatever. That's not the problem. The biggest problem is people that are living hand-to-mouth, people that are trying to find out where to get a COVID vaccine. That's their problems. And it's just the squeaky wheel getting the grease. That's what people are upset about and yapping about. And it's just not fair.