Latvia to deport 1,213 Russian citizens who did not apply for residency

Flag of Latvia
Flag of Latvia

At least 1,213 citizens of Russia who do not meet the requirements of a recent immigration law and failed to apply for a residence permit will be deported from Latvia, as announced by the Directorate for Citizenship and Migration Affairs of Latvia, and reported by the Latvia outlet Delfi.

The amended immigration law required them to apply for a residence permit in Latvia by the Nov 30 deadline, and there is no information that these people have already left the country.

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Of those citizens of the Russian Federation who had already delayed Nov 30th deadline, 1,344 still submitted documents for obtaining other (temporary, not permanent) residence permits.

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"The information collected at this point indicates that another 904 people crossed the external border of Latvia and left the country," the article reads.

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Earlier, it was reported that Latvia will ask six thousand Russian citizens to leave the country.

When Latvia regained independence from the Soviet Union in 1991, they did not recognize the decisions made by the Soviet government as valid. This left the country’s substantial population of Russians as legal residents, though many have since obtained citizenship.

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