Lauren Goodger shares emotional ‘sign’ from her late daughter Lorena

The reality TV star shares ‘sign’ from late daughter (Lauren Goodger/Instagram/Getty)
The reality TV star shares ‘sign’ from late daughter (Lauren Goodger/Instagram/Getty)

Lauren Goodger has shared a heartwarming “sign” from her late daughter Lorena as she grieves the newborn’s death.

Lorena died on 8 July, after she was born with her umbilical cord knotted twice around her neck.

In an announcement, Goodger described Lorena as the “most beautiful” baby she had ever seen.

On Wednesday (3 August), Goodger shared a black and white to her Instagram story, showing a photograph of a single white feather lying on her staircase.

A snippet from Celine Dion’s emotional ballad “Fly” could be heard playing in the background, with the artist singing: “Your heart is pure, your soul is free. Be on your way, don’t wait for me. Above the universe you’ll climb, on beyond the hands of time.”

“Thank you,” Goodger captioned the post.

White feathers are largely considered a symbol of mourning. Many people believe that finding a white feather is a sign of the presence of a deceased loved one.

Goodger opened up about her grief in an interview with OK! last week, telling the publication that she still has “ a bit of a bump” from the pregnancy. “This one’s not shifting. It sometimes feels like she’s still there, it’s weird,” she explained. “My body feels very unsettled, it’s like it’s missing a newborn.”

Goodger said doctors had tried their best to resuscitate Lorena but were unsuccessful.

“She was just perfect,” Goodger said. “She was very, very much like Larose.”

Goodger also has a one-year-old daughter named Larose with her partner Charles Drury.

“[Lorena] had beautiful black hair and blue eyes. She had big lips, a tiny little nose and a lovely skin tone. She looked like a really healthy and solid baby.”

Goodger told The Sun she has ordered a post-mortem on Lorena to discover why she had died. She said it had been a “textbook pregnancy”, but doctors believe the infant’s oxygen supply “may have been restricted”.

“I need to understand medically how she died, for my own sanity,” Goodger said. “Lorena should be here with me. I held her, and she looked like she was sleeping. I thought she would wake up.”

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