LAUSD Begins Vaccination Push; Partners With Amazon To Help Students

Superintendent Austin Beutner is tackling the impact of the pandemic on LAUSD students on two fronts. Kara Finnstrom reports.

Video Transcript

- USDA is teaming up with Amazon to help graduating seniors facing financial hardship. They're making it possible for them to get flexible jobs so they don't have to postpone college. KCAL 9's Kara Finnstrom has more on this partnership and a new district vaccination program.

KARA FINNSTROM: The superintendent announced two major efforts today that aimed to help LAUSD communities that were especially hard hit by the pandemic. The first will make vaccines available to kids at their schools.

AUSTIN BEUTNER: But today, we're announcing an effort. Starting next Monday, we'll offer the opportunity for almost 300,000 students ages 12 through 18 in our middle and high schools the opportunity to be vaccinated at their local school.

KARA FINNSTROM: The superintendent says more than a third of LAUSD students do not have a personal pediatrician so he says vaccination teams will start visiting about 20 school campuses each day with the taking about two weeks for them to get to all LAUSD campuses. Because a parent or guardian does need to be with the student at the time of vaccination, clinic hours will start around noon and stretch into the early evening.

At this point, the superintendent says vaccinations are not required for returning to school in the fall. But he adds at some point, he would expect the COVID vaccine to be added to the list of required vaccinations. Also today, take a look. LAUSD announced a new partnership with Amazon to help graduates struggling financially be able to work and go to community colleges. The superintendent says a percentage of graduates who went on to attend to year colleges directly after graduation dropped from 39% in 2019 to 30% in 2020.

This new program, it's going to give LAUSD graduates who enroll full time a chance to secure one of several Amazon jobs with flexible hours. One of the students here taking part says the program is going to benefit him in a number of ways.

- Having a job while also going to school is critical for building the perfect skills for that you're going to need in the real world like time management, responsibility.

MARIE LLOYD: My colleagues at Amazon will hold office hours for students to drop in and find what jobs are available and where. They will guide students through the application process and answer any questions. They will also offer wraparound services and support like resume building, professional development, and mock job interviews.

KARA FINNSTROM: And Amazon says they will be offering those students jobs that pay at least $15 an hour with benefits like health care and paid time off. From Woodrow Wilson Senior High, Kara Finnstrom, KCAL 9 News.