LAUSD opens first 2 of 25 COVID vaccination sites

The Los Angeles Unified School District has opened the first two of 25 COVID-19 vaccination centers for students and their families.

Video Transcript

MARC COTA-ROBLES: We are less than a week away from some LA Unified School District campuses reopening for in-person learning. Starting today, the district has opened two vaccine centers to help families get vaccinated. Eyewitness News reporter Marc Cota-Robles has all the details.

MARC COTA-ROBLES: These new vaccination sites are meant to reach the families of LAUSD students. And today the first two of 25 centers are opening up. The Los Angeles Unified school district expanding its safety net for families before students return for in-person learning.

George Washington Prep Senior High School in South LA and Abraham Lincoln High School are the two vaccine centers opening today. Both are located in communities that have been hit hard by the coronavirus pandemic. It's a partnership with St. John's Well Child and Family Center. And it could become a model for other school districts as vaccines become more widely available.

AUSTIN BEUTNER: We share a common goal to make sure all families with children in schools receive access to vaccinations to help their children return to school in the safest way possible.

ROBERTO MORALES: It made me feel a little bit more secure.

TERESA THORNTON: It helps me feel like I'm protected somewhat. I still can get the virus. But at least I feel like I have some kind of shield around me to help protect me a little bit.

MARC COTA-ROBLES: The sites will begin at administering at least 2,000 doses per week. At this point, most LAUSD students are not yet eligible to be vaccinated. But before returning to school next week, they do need a negative COVID test this week.

TERESA THORNTON: Now we're here and moving forward. So it's looking good. Everything's starting to open again. So that's a good thing.

MARC COTA-ROBLES: If your child or family member is an LAUSD student and you want to be vaccinated, there is a hotline to sign up at 213-328-3958. Eligibility will expand next Thursday to students 16 and older.